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Changes to our Mortgage Offers and Incentives

<p>Pricing changes with effect from Monday 26th March 2018</p>

We are making changes to our mortgage pricing, effective Monday 26th March 2018. A summary of the changes are detailed below:

  • Existing Danske Bank mortgage customers repackaging with us (internal switchers) may only avail of our Standard Rates (Remortgage rates no longer apply to this customer type)
  • Update of fixed rate end dates for residential mortgages

Current rates, Cashback incentive and Remortgage incentive for External Switchers remain unchanged at this time.

Inflight arrangements

In order for existing Danske Bank mortgage customers to avail of the Remortgage Incentive rates, you must submit a mortgage application accompanied by a mortgage illustration/ESIS dated prior to the 26th March 2018. Provided these documents are received by us no later than close of business on Wednesday 11th April 2018, the application will qualify for this incentive.

If you have any queries please contact the Mortgage intermediary Team directly on 0345 600 5775.

Patrick Mullan
Head of Mortgages