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Step One - Parent or Guardian details..

  We need you to give us your email address and mobile number so that we can contact you about the opening and operation of this account.


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Step Four - Let's build the account..

Debit Mastercard

to check the balance of their account
to make payments out of their account to receive statements and other documents in electronic form.The child will also be able to use their Electronic Signature to access their account using the services of Third Party Providers (TPPs). You can read more about TPPs in the 'General Terms and Conditions - Personal' at Clauses 5.5.9 and 8. You can also find more information about TPPs on our website at www.danskebank.co.uk/psd2ob

I understand, that on first log on to eBanking, the child will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions for eBanking


We will provide the child with a statement by posting it to the address that you have provided. However, if you have requested eBanking as an additional service for the child, you can opt to have the statements and other documents made available via Electronic Mailbox.

Please advise how you would like the child's statements and other documents delivered.



Danske Discovery Terms & Conditions

For your own benefit and protection and that of the child, you should read the terms and conditions of Danske Bank Discovery Account carefully before proceeding. If you do not understand any point, please contact us on 0800 66 00 33.   

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Please check the details you have provided in this application form. If any of the information is incorrect, please go back and amend accordingly.
By clicking ‘Submit’ you confirm that the information you have given is true and complete and that you want us to process the application. You understand and accept that we do not have a duty to open the account or grant you any products or services.
We recommend that you print a copy of the information which you have given us and keep it for your own records.