Your payment holiday is coming to an end

We're here to help you, whatever your circumstances.

It is an uncertain time for many and we understand that not all our customers will be in the position to resume their mortgage repayments. As your payment holiday (also known as a payment deferral) is coming to an end, we’ve sent you a letter detailing when your repayments are due to start again and what the repayments will be.

If you can start your repayments;

Please complete the form linked below and let us know you are happy to resume your repayments.

If you would like to make a lump sum repayment or start to repay the amount owed sooner (fixed rate mortgages only), you can tell us in the form and we’ll call you back to arrange.

If you can’t resume your repayments;

Don’t worry, we can help you further.

When you complete the form, we’ll ask you some questions about how you have been impacted by coronavirus. We’ll use this information to give us a view of the type of support that you may need. We’ll then make an appointment for you to speak to one of our trained advisers and confirm the date and time with you within seven days.

Confirm your circumstances

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If you need to speak with us more urgently because of a change in your circumstances or if you require further support including a face to face conversation, please let us know by calling 0345 600 2882 and we’ll arrange this for you.

During your appointment, our advisers will discuss with you the further support options best for you.

A partial payment deferral, this is where you make reduced payments of a specific amount for an agreed period of time.

  • If you are able, you can make partial payments based on whatever you can afford. This means you would still cover the interest portion of your mortgage repayments and reduce the amount you owe by making smaller repayments to the mortgage balance.
  • Or you could make interest only payments for a period of up to three months. This would reduce your mortgage commitment each month, but will still allow you to continue to pay the interest portion of your mortgage.

A full payment deferral, this is where you make no repayments for an agreed period of time

  • You might be able to extend your mortgage payment holiday for up to another three months.

It’s important you know that some of these examples are likely to increase your mortgage balance, your interest and the total amount you have to repay. In the tables below, you can see representative examples for each of the options to give you an understanding of the longer term impact on your mortgage.

If you have not already received a mortgage payment holiday and you would like to apply for the first time please visit our mortgage payment holiday webpage.