Making it easier to get away

If you're planning a trip, plan ahead for hassle-free currency and card use.

Travel money

If you’re planning to travel abroad, we can help take the stress out of getting foreign currency. As a Danske Bank customer you can:

  • Pre-order from a wide range of currencies online;
  • Collect at a branch of your choice;
  • Withdraw Euros from our in-branch cash machines (Individual card limits apply).

All commission free.

Using your cards abroad

Taking a suitable debit or credit Mastercard with you gives you more flexibility and takes away the worry of carrying cash.

Before you go:

  • It’s good practice to let us know when you are travelling abroad and providing us with your mobile number means we can reach you if we need to;
  • Take note of the emergency contact number should you have any problems such as lost or stolen cards +44 2890 049201;
  • For an additional level of security, activate Geoblocking to unlock your area of travel for the period of your holiday, and restrict it again automatically after your date of return.

In an emergency

As a cardholder, you can get help from us whenever you need it and wherever you are. We provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our emergency currency service is here to help out in a crisis while you’re abroad. We’ll send money to a foreign bank of your choice if your card or cash is lost or stolen.

If your card is lost or stolen, tell us immediately at any time of the day by phoning +44 2890 049201. If you need to request the emergency currency service, let us know on the call.

After you’ve called us, the money will be transferred as an urgent payment from your account to the foreign bank you specify. Please check with the foreign bank that they will accept funds and pay out to you before giving us the details. Also check with the foreign bank if they’ll charge you to receive the urgent payment. This fee may be deducted either from the amount you receive or from your account in due course.

International call rates will apply. If your card is stolen report it to the police and give us a copy of any police report. Fees and services charges may apply for the Emergency Currency service – International Fees & Charges Leaflet.

Unused currency?

We happily buy back any unused foreign currency as long as it’s currency we deal in at that time and the notes are in an acceptable condition. Fees and service charges apply.