While most cards transactions in Europe are carried out using Chip and PIN, countries like the United States and Russia still use the magnetic stripe, which is at greater risk of so-called ‘skimming’ (where a criminal copies your card details from its magnetic stripe).

Card fraud is becoming more popular with organised criminals and their technical ability is ever-growing. Geoblocking is a security feature available on all cards we issue, which helps us protect you when you’re abroad.

Geoblocking is an additional card security feature and does not replace our normal fraud checks.


  • You can restrict the use of your card to certain geographic regions
  • You can stop your card being used on the internet
  • Geoblocking is easy to manage through eBanking and our Mobile Banking Apps. Here's how
  • You can unlock a region for a set period of time, so when you return home it will automatically be blocked again for extra peace of mind

Your card can be blocked for relatively insecure regions such as North and South America, Asia or Africa. If, however, you’re planning a trip to one of these regions (such as the USA), you can temporarily unblock the region for the duration of your time there. This means that if someone has skimmed your card when you're abroad they won’t be able to use it when you block your card for that region again.

From September 2018, if you haven’t already activated Geoblocking, we will automatically restrict your card's use to the UK and the internet only. However, if you travel abroad and use your card for a Chip and PIN transaction, we’ll unlock that area and close the UK until you return. You and your card can only be used in one region at a time – where you currently are.

New cards will be issued with a default setting of UK and internet open and everywhere else blocked. This does not restrict the use of your cards for telephone transactions or use of your digital wallet providers such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

General FAQs

  • What is geoblocking?

    Geoblocking is a security feature on our personal debit and credit cards that allows cardholders to place security settings on their card(s), to prevent use of the card(s):

    • In specific geographic regions - you can restrict use of your card in parts of the world where you have no plans to travel to; restrictions are set by geographic region rather than at individual country level.
    • and/or

    • For internet transactions – it is also possible to block internet transactions. Blocking internet transactions will not only block online transactions but will also block some recurring transactions (sometimes known as continuous payments). If you have recurring transactions set up on your card, you should not block your card for internet use to ensure you do not block recurring transactions.

    Note: It is not possible to set geographic limitations for internet transactions. This means that where a specific geographic region is blocked but internet transactions are not, then it is possible for an internet transaction to take place in that geographic region. For example, if you choose to restrict the use of your card in Asia but do not restrict use of your card for internet transactions, then transactions made via the internet and processed in Asia may be paid.

  • What type of transactions will not be authorised if internet is blocked?

    The following types of transactions will not be authorised if the card is blocked for use on the internet:

    • Online purchases using the internet where merchant sites use 3D Secure, sites secured by SSL which display a padlock in the browser URL and sites which use Pass Through wallets in the checkout process such as Google checkout or Amazon checkout
    • Recurring transactions due to be applied to your account e.g. subscription payments funded from a debit or credit card
    • Crediting funds to a Pre-loaded Electronic Wallet (e.g. Barclays Pingit, Starbucks App) from a debit or credit card
  • Why has Danske Bank introduced Geoblocking?

    Geoblocking has been introduced to improve the service we provide to our debit and credit card customers. This feature will also help reduce the number of losses due to counterfeit card fraud by decreasing the number of situations where card fraud is possible. Geoblocking is an additional card security feature and does not replace our normal fraud checks.

  • How will customers benefit from Geoblocking?

    Geoblocking has a number of benefits for customers:

    • Enhanced security – preventing cash withdrawals with skimmed cards (“skimming” is the copying of card data at an ATM and transferring the data to another card) in high-risk countries.
    • Peace of mind for customers - Geoblocking reduces the likelihood of fraud and therefore customers do not have to face the inconvenience and stress of reporting the card misuse, notifying the bank of any loss and; having the card blocked and waiting for a new card.
    • Customers can manage their own card settings - it’s easy to authorise / block worldwide use of the card. Geoblocking settings can be amended with immediate effect, at any time through eBanking or the Mobile and Tablet Bank Apps . Customers can also contact us by telephone or by visiting a branch to amend their settings.
  • Do I still need to advise the bank if I intend to use my card abroad?

    Yes, you do. Geoblocking is an additional card security feature and does not replace our normal fraud checks. This means that even though your card may be open for use in a geographic region, it is still possible for a transaction not to be authorised if fraud is suspected.

  • Is there a charge to use Geoblocking?

    No, this is a free service we are providing to our customers.

  • Am I still protected against fraudulent transactions if I use the Geoblocking feature on my cards?

    Yes, customers using the Geoblocking feature are entitled to the same level of consumer protection against fraud, as is currently provided.

  • Why do I need to register a mobile phone number as a condition of using the Geoblocking service?

    Where the card has been blocked for use in a specific geographic region or on the internet and a transaction is attempted, we will notify you by sending a text message. This allows you to take appropriate action – if you have not tried to make this transaction you will need to contact the bank to report potential fraud, or, if you are trying to make the transaction, you can adjust your Geoblocking settings to lift the restriction.

    If you do not have a mobile phone number registered with the bank, we will be unable to alert you if a transaction is attempted in a restricted region.

    In order to receive a text message, you must not have opted out of receiving text messages from Danske Bank. If you have, then to receive Geoblocking texts you must opt in. You can do this by texting OPT IN to 60999 (standard rate text for your network provider applies).

Managing Geoblocking Settings