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Whether your customer is purchasing a home, looking to remortgage or simply wanting to borrow some extra money – our Tracker Home Loan mortgage tracks the Danske Bank Reference Rate (UK) by an agreed margin for the full term of the loan. Any changes to Danske Bank Reference Rate (UK), up or down, will be passed on to the customer immediately.

The rate the customer pays on our Tracker Home Loan mortgage is determined by their Loan to Value (LTV).

Our Tracker Home Loan mortgages are not portable.​​​​​​​​

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  • Available to both new & existing customers with us
  • Minimum loan amount is £30,000 (reduced to £10,000 for our existing mortgage customers)
  • Preferential rates for customers with a lower Loan to Value
  • No restrictions on making overpayments or lump sum payments and as interest is calculated daily, this means the customer gets the benefit straight away. There are no early repayment charges
  • Repayment terms of up to 30 years
  • Capital & Interest repayment
  • No higher lending charge apply, but other fees and charges such as legal fees may apply which are not charged by us or paid through us
  • Repayments are made monthly.
  • A product fee may apply.
  • Available with the Co-Ownership link to external site scheme (subject to written confirmation from Co-Ownership that the applicant has been approved to participate in the scheme)
  • Whether we provide credit depends on customer circumstances, and the customer must be 18 or over. Lending terms and conditions apply


Important Information

When a customer takes out a mortgage they are borrowing against the value of their home. When they come to sell their home they will need to use the sale's proceeds to repay their outstanding mortgage balance. Be aware that if the value of their home falls below the balance of their mortgage, then they will have to pay us the difference if they want to sell their home.  

Details of fees, service charges and interest rates that may apply to Danske Bank personal current accounts can be obtained from any Danske Bank branch and on our website at​​​.​

* Lines open: 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri, except on bank holidays or other holidays in Northern Ireland when the bank is not open for business. Call charges may vary – please refer to your phone company for more details. We may record or monitor calls to confirm details of our conversations, and for training and quality purposes.

Information on this page is solely for mortgage intermediaries registered with us.
This intermediary website may contain links to our customer website. Content on that website is intended for customers and prospective customers and not for intermediaries.
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