Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Pay

You can now use Fitbit Pay with your Danske Mastercard

  • No more getting cards out of your wallet or purse
  • Fitbit Pay is accepted at any contactless terminal in the UK
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About Fitbit Pay

It’s an easy way to make payments with your Fitbit device using the latest contactless technology. Simple and secure, you can use it to pay anywhere that already accepts contactless payments; just look out for the contactless symbol. The majority of our Mastercards are accepted; however some card restrictions apply.

You can use Fitbit Pay with a Fitbit Ionic to make contactless payments of up to £30 in store. Some retailers will accept payments over £30, but this is dependent on the retailer. We may also put limits in place to protect you from fraud, which can restrict the value or number of payments you can make. Always make sure you have your Mastercard debit or credit card handy to use as an alternative method of payment.


How do I set up Fitbit Pay on my device?

You can set up Fitbit Pay within your Fitbit app. To get Fitbit Pay up and running, you’ll need to add your card. That’s something you can do in a few simple steps.

To start, add at least one Danske Bank Mastercard to the Wallet section of the Fitbit app

  1. Open Fitbit app
  2. With your watch nearby, click on the image on your app for Ionic – select wallet icon from the app
  3. Touch ID for ‘Fitbit’ or enter passcode to authenticate
  4. Click on Get Started
  5. Enter the card details, Expiry Date and 3 digit security code on the back of your card
  6. Enter billing address details
  7. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  8. If you’re adding a card for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set a 4-digit PIN code for your watch (if you haven’t already done so). You will then be asked to verify your identity via SMS message or by speaking to an advisor. Where you opt for a SMS you will receive a OTP password to your registered phone number which you will be required to key into your Fitbit device



Look for contactless or mobile payments symbols at the register.


Press and hold the left button from any screen until you feel a vibration and see your card.


Place the watch face near the reader until you feel a vibration.

Safety and Security

  • Fitbit Pay is secure. Fitbit Pay uses an industry-standard tokenisation platform to ensure your card information is never revealed or shared with merchants so you can make payments with no need to share card details and numbers
  • Your Fitbit Ionic Watch is protected by your personal 4 digit passcode that only you know
  • Security is a priority. So your debit or credit card number isn’t shared with the retailer. Your most recent purchases will be displayed in your Wallet app

Terms & conditions


We have taken some of your frequently asked questions and answered them below.

Fitbit Pay Payments Cards Troubleshooting

Fitbit Pay

What is Fitbit Pay?

Fitbit Pay is a new way to make quick and easy contactless payments with your Danske Bank Mastercard using your Fitbit Ionic Watch.

What devices can I use?

At the moment, you can only use the Fitbit Ionic, but we expect that several future Fitbit products will contain the Fitbit Pay functionality.

Which Danske Bank cards can be linked to Fitbit Pay?

All Danske Bank Mastercards, including credit and debit card.

As a new customer, how soon can I use Fitbit Pay?

If you’ve recently opened a Danske Bank current account or taken out a Mastercard Standard credit card with us, you can register for Fitbit Pay as soon as your plastic card arrives through the post.


Where can I use Fitbit Pay?

You can use Fitbit Pay to make payments wherever you see the contactless payment symbol.

contactless icon
How do I make a payment with Fitbit Pay?

On your Fitbit Ionic click on the side button and hold the display close to the contactless reader. When the payment is successful your watch will vibrate and you’ll see a confirmation on the screen.

If I am prompted to enter a PIN, do I enter the PIN on the Fitbit Ionic or on the store terminal?

Always on your Fitbit Ionic. NOT the PIN for your card – but the PIN for your Fitbit (as set by yourself). The code activates contactless payment on your watch and works for 24 hours – or until you take off the watch.

Do I need to enter my 4 digit PIN each time I make a payment with Fitbit Pay?

Your 4 digit PIN is unique to your device. This PIN remains active for 24 hours or until you remove it from your arm. You do not need to input it when making a payment.

Can I restrict Fitbit Pay when I’m abroad?

Geoblocking is a security feature which is available on all Danske Bank personal debit and credit cards. It allows cardholders to restrict the use of their card(s) to certain geographic areas or to prevent the use of the card for internet payments, reducing the likelihood of fraud.

You can easily manage the Geoblocking settings on your debit and credit card(s) in eBanking, Mobile and Tablet Banking Apps. Alternatively you can contact the Bank on 028 9004 9221 or ask an Adviser in any branch. Changes are made with immediate effect.


Can I use all my Danske cards in Fitbit Pay?

Fitbit Pay currently only works with Danske Mastercard debit and credit cards.

Can I use multiple cards with Fitbit Pay?

Yes, you can add up to 6 cards in the Fitbit Pay app. In the app on your phone, you can choose which card you want set as your default to use on your watch. Once you have chosen a card, it will be visible on the watch display.

How do I remove my card from Fitbit Pay?

It’s easy to remove your debit or credit card from Fitbit Pay. Here’s how:

  • Select the relevant card in Wallet
  • Scroll to the bottom to find the Remove Card option. This will instantly remove it from your Wallet.


Why can't I link my Visa to Fitbit Pay?

At present, Danske Bank has chosen to integrate with Mastercard only. Therefore Fitbit pay is not compatible with Visa.

What do I do if Fitbit Pay does not work?

If you have problems with your Ionic Watch or the Fitbit app, you must contact Fitbit or seek help on their support pages.

If you have problems when linking your Mastercard, you may contact Danske Bank's card service for help.

What happens if my card is blocked?

If your Mastercard is blocked, it will also be blocked in Fitbit Pay. When you receive a new card, make sure that you register the new card number in the Fitbit app.

What do I do if I lose my Fitbit Ionic?

If you lose your Ionic, you must immediately deactivate your card in the Fitbit app or contact Danske Bank's card service for help.

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