Accepting payments by card

We offer access to a range of card processing solutions, allowing you to authorise, process and settle card transactions quickly and efficiently.

Cash and cheque handling can often be a significant cost to retailers.  Getting your customers to make payments quickly and simply using their credit or debit card means you can improve your efficiency and also reduces the opportunity for theft or fraud.


Danske Bank can offer you access to a range of card processing solutions through Worldpay - one of the leading card payment processors.

How does your business benefit?

  • Increased footfall and impulse buying - added value options such as mobile phone top ups and cash back can generate more customers
  • Secure payments - security features such as CHIP & PIN and 3D Secure help reduce the risk of fraud compared to accepting cheques as payment
  • Improved efficiency - reduce time needed for manually handling cash and cheques
  • Fast, convenient means of payment - funds are deposited in your account within 2 days of the transaction
  • Control - daily reconciliation, monthly statements and printed receipts allow you to track each card transaction
  • Cost effective hardware - rental or purchase options for terminals are available
  • Support - the Worldpay Helpdesk is available to address operational queries and Danske Bank Cash Management Specialists are always on hand to help you with additional terminals when you need them, hardware upgrades or card acceptance queries

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