Operational status

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Operational status

Error at Log on when using passwords/passcodes saved in your browser.
To ensure your details are kept safe at all times we now “mask” your password and the one-time passcode from your eSafe ID device so that no one else can see these details.
Your browser may ask if you wish to save either your password or passcode and we would ask that you do not save these details to ensure your next log on is without error.
We recommend that you always enter your passwords/passcodes manually.

Scam Advice - Be Alert!

  • Invoice Re-Direction or Mandate fraud is where you believe you are paying a legitimate payee but a fraudster intercepts the communication that contains the account information and inserts their account details. It is important that beneficiary account information (e.g. sort code & account number) is always verified with the intended beneficiary before any payment is made to them. You should do this by calling them on a phone number you know to be genuine or by a face to face meeting.
  • Purchase scams are when you pay for goods or services that are never received as they never existed in the first place. This type of scam usually involves the use of online market places, auction sites or social medial forums. NEVER send funds for goods or services unless you are sure the seller is real and/or you have sited the goods in person.
  • Impersonation scams are when a fraudster contacts you purporting to be from the Bank, the Police, HMRC or other legitimate organisations. They often claim there has been fraud on your account and you need to transfer money to keep it safe or that a fine or a bill is overdue and threaten you with criminal proceedings.
  • CEO Fraud is where the criminal manages to impersonate the CEO, Managing Director, Partner, or another senior figure in your organisation in an attempt to convince you to make payments to the scammer’s account. These requests usually carry a sense of urgency however it is important that any such requests are independently verified with the genuine sender before payments are sent.
  • When authorising payments using dual authority, each User should use a separate PC/Laptop/Smartphone to do so. We will NEVER issue a pop up message to advise you to authorise payments or ask someone else to logon to the same device.
  • Be aware of fraudulent text messages, emails or phone calls asking you to log on to your Business eBanking and/or to authorise payments.
  • Report any requests for this type of information to Customer Support Helpdesk on 028 90311377*
*Lines open: 8am - 8pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-5pm Fri, 9am – 5pm Sat, 9am – 8pm Sun (except on bank holidays or other holidays in Northern Ireland when the bank is not open for business)

Guide to Logon Business eBanking (Files)

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