Become a Customer

Become a Customer

Opening an account with us

To open an account with Danske Bank, we require proof of your identity and current permanent address, as well as information on credits that you will receive to your account, for example your wages, salary or benefits.

Commonly used documents are listed below. Please note that other forms of identification and address verification evidence may be acceptable.

Proof of identity
Examples of proof of identity (in original form, photocopies are not acceptable) include:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid UK/ROI Driving Licence
  • EEA Member State Identity Card
  • Current Electoral Identity Card for Northern Ireland
  • Blue Parking Card for people with disabilities
  • Translink Senior Smart Pass
  • DRD Half Fare Smart Pass

Other documents needed are:

  • Bank Details - most recent 2 months Bank statements from main transactional account (if transferring from another bank)
  • Most recent Payslips or if self-employed, a copy of certified or audited accounts for the last three years.

Proof of address
Examples of proof of address (in original form, photocopies are not acceptable) include:

  • Utility Bill issued within the last three months (e.g. water, gas, electricity, telephone). Mobile telephone bills and storecard statements are not acceptable.
  • Recent Land and Property Services Bill/Notice, valid for the current year
  • Valid UK Driving Licence (if not already used as proof of identity)
  • EEA Member State Identity Card (if not already used as proof of identity)
  • Recent Evidence of Entitlement to Benefit, dated within the last six months (e.g. Social Security Agency, Child Tax Credit, Housing Executive benefits)
  • Recent Evidence of Entitlement to State Pension, dated within the last six months
  • Bank Statement issued within the last three months (e.g. Bank, Building Society, Credit Union statement)

Switch GuaranteeSwitching a current account to Danske Bank is a free, quick, simple process and it is guaranteed to be completed within seven business days.

For more details about Current Account Switch Guarantee please click here.

We have taken some of your frequently asked questions and answered them below.


What will Danske Bank do for me when switching my account?
Step 1
We will explain the entire switching process and discuss the options available to you. We will, on completion of the Current Account opening process agree with you a suitable date on which your old bank account will switch to Danske Bank.
Step 2
If you want us to, we can arrange for your old bank account to be closed (you need to remember that your 'old' bank account can only be closed when you have cleared your overdraft and any other borrowings on your old bank account).
Step 3
We will give you an interest –free and charge-free overdraft for the first three months, (if you choose an account with this service and you request it), if you meet the banks requirements*.
Step 4
We will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. Our dedicated Danske bank switching team will make your switch as smooth as possible, take care of all your bank details and keep you informed every step of the way.
How do I switch my account to Danske Bank?

There are different ways to switch:

  1. You can apply online for a Danske Choice, Danske Freedom, Danske Discovery or a Danske Standard (you can indicate you're switching during application process)
  2. You can request a call-back from one of our Account Switching specialist staff members who shall contact you.
  3. Call into your local Danske bank branch and one of our advisors will be happy to talk to you about switching your current account to Danske bank.

Manual switching process

If your current bank or building society does not use the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) you can still switch your current account to Danske Bank. You can also switch a currency account to Danske Bank using the manual switching process (restrictions apply)*.

The Current Account Switch Service Guarantee does not apply to the to the manual switching process.

For more details call into any of our branches and one of our advisors will be happy to talk to you about the manual switching process.

Important documents
Manual switch (Full process) & Manual switch (Partial process) Factsheet

* The currency of the account must be an EEA currency and your new account must be opened in the same currency. Your application for a currency account must be approved before you can switch your currency account to us

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