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Interest Rates

Correct as at 3rd November 2017.

Current fixed APR%
Fixed Rate Personal Loans
£1,000 - £2,999 17.9
£3,000 - £4,999 17.9
£5,000 - £6,999 5.5
£7,000 - £9,999 5.5
£10,000 - £14,999 5.5
£15,000 - £25,000 5.5


Current per annum

Current variable APR%

Home Owner's Personal Loan
£1,000 - £25,000
(£7,500 over 5 years)



Postgraduate Funding Loan
£1,000 plus



Please note that when interest is calculated on daily balances, the rates above are applicable to balances outstanding at the close of business from the date shown.

Term of loan granted will be dependent upon nature of borrowing.

Important Information
Whether we provide credit depends on your circumstances, and you must be 18 or over.  Lending terms and conditions apply.

Written quotations are available on request.​​​

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