Current accounts

A current account is a safe and convenient way to manage your day-to-day finances.

You can use it to manage your money, pay bills and keep your money secure. ​

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Compare accounts
Compare our accounts to choose the right one for managing your finances.

Compare current accounts
Switching your current account to us
We will take care of everything for you so that the transfer goes as smoothly as possible.

Switch my existing current account More about account switching
How to reduce or avoid fees, charges and interest
Tips on how to reduce or even avoid paying, fees and service charges on your personal current account.

How to reduce or avoid fees, charges and interest
Choosing an account
Choosing the right bank account makes it easier to manage your finances.

Choosing an account
Ways to bank
Offering easy, quick and inexpensive ways to carry out your banking transactions. 

Ways to bank
Tips and information
If you have any questions, the staff at any of our branches will be delighted to answer them. Or you can read more in 'Tips and information'.

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